How to make order on efacehome-english

1.login efacehome website,click red area

2.go to taobao website to choose your like items.

3.copy taobao item url

4.paste taobao item url on here,then click red area

5.add information about this items,such as quantity and color and size etc.

6.after add to your cart,you can check it go to your cart,click red area

7.the system will tell your total price and your account balance,if no problem,you can submit your items,but if your account balance < total price,you need add money to your account first.
if you still don't know how to do,you can submit your item first,then system will tell you how much you need add.

8.when you submit your items,you will see this page,if your account balance enough,you click pay now is OK,if not,this page will show how much you should pay,you do as system tell you is ok.

9.after you pay successful,you will see this page,then you can check your order.

10.this page show your order information,usually,we will process your order within 24 hours,any feedback about this order we will write message to you,then you can contact with our staff.

11.you should log in our website often,so that can get information about your order,you can check detail information by click red area.

12.when you want to submit your order for delivery,you can choose 'Arrived Efacehome',then system will tell you the weight of your order,now you can submit your order for delivery.
how many items do you want to delivery,this is depends on you.

13.when you delivery your order,this page will be shown,on this page,you should write your delivery address and delivery way,
after done,the system will tell you how much you should pay on the foot this page,total include our service fee,delivery fee,insurance fee(this is depends to you) and other fee.

other fee:if your paid more on first payment,this time our system we refund to you,if you paid less on first time,our system will need you pay on this time.

14.then this item will be shown,if your account balance enough,you can pay now directly,if not,when you click pay now,the page will shown other information for you and tell you how much you still need pay,you can do as the system tell you.

15.after you submit delivery,this page will be shown,you can check your parcel now.

16.if the track number is empty,it is mean your parcel have not been send,usually,your parcel will delivery within 24 hours after you submit your order for delivery.

17.when you delivery your parcel,this page will be updated,you can track your parcel.
if you get your parcel,and all items is ok,you can click 'I have got my parcel' and give us feedback about this parcel.

until now,all operate have finished,it is easier and faster for you.if you make order on our website,can improve your order time and let you know your all items status any time.

Now you can enjoy your shopping from efacehome,China best taobao agent.

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